Parent Pro Tip: Always Keep a Pop N’ Go Pets in Your Car

Parent Pro Tip: Always Keep a Pop N’ Go Pets in Your Car - The California Beach Co.

At California Beach Co., we understand that parenting is a full-time job (and a tough one, at that). So that’s why we’re constantly striving to find ways to make the lives of parents just a little bit easier, by offering products that are versatile, easy-to-use, and durable. 

Today, we’re going to let you in on a little secret.🤫 That’s right, we’ve got another valuable tip to make your life easier… just when you thought you had it all figured out.

Keep the Pop N’ Go Pets in your car!😱🚙

Have you heard of the Pop N’ Go Pets yet? 

It’s got all of the same appeal as the traditional Pop N’ Go Playpen -- the easy-to-setup design, included UV cover and carrying case -- except it’s even more versatile. 

The Pop N’ Go Pets is the perfect travel accessory and its list of uses goes on and on.

  • Set it up at the beach or park to give your baby a shady, safe place to play.🏖
  • Take it on your next vacation to ensure a babyproof area, no matter your location.👶🏼
  • Use it as a travel crib when staying at a hotel or friend’s house.💤
  • It doesn’t stop at kids, the Pop N’ Go Pets is the perfect place for pets to hang out as well.😻

Since the Pop N’ Go Pets is the perfect accessory to keep in your car at all times. Just like how some parents keep a travel stroller in their trunk, the Pop N’ Go Pets will allow you to be prepared for all types of situations, without you even having to plan ahead (I think we could all benefit from having one less thing to think about 😅). 

Great for fur babies as well 😉🐶

When we say we create our products with all parents in mind, we aren’t kidding. We’re talking to you, dog moms! This compact and cozy playpen is ideal for small pets such as cats, dogs, and bunnies. With an included mattress pad and UV cover, you can keep your fur baby safe and cool, no matter your location. If you’re planning on leaving town, the Pop N’ Go Pets is the coziest bed to help your pet feel safe and at home, even in an unfamiliar location.🥰

If you like to feel prepared for anything, then throw your Pop N’ Go Pets in the trunk and you’ll never have to think twice about a spontaneous beach visit or trip to the park. It’s so lightweight and compact, that you won’t even know it’s there! 😉