Our Pet Playpens Aren’t Limited to Just Cats and Dogs

Our Pet Playpens Aren’t Limited to Just Cats and Dogs - The California Beach Co.

You probably know that Pop N’ Go Pet Playpen is the perfect spot for your furry friend to snuggle up, but did you know that this cozy spot isn’t made for just cats and dogs? That’s right, the Pop N’ Go is a great spot for any furry friend. We’re talking to you, rabbit owners! 🐰🥕

Give that bunny some room to roam! 🐇

Many people don’t realize that keeping a rabbit cooped up in a cage is terrible for their mental health. Some bunny owners choose to give their pet free rein of their home, but this requires bunny-proofing everything. Since rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, they tend to chew on things. So, keeping them in a designated space is probably the most reasonable solution for most owners. 

Ideally, giving your rabbit a room to themselves is the perfect way to give them lots of space, but also keep them enclosed so nothing in your home gets damaged. Not everyone has the space to sacrifice an entire room for their pet, so what is a bunny owner to do!? 

Cue the Pop N’ Go Pets Playpen!

The Pop N’ Go Pets Playpen is the perfect solution for rabbit housing when you’re tight on space. If you’re going to keep your bunny in an enclosed space, it needs to be at least five times the size of the rabbit themselves. This makes the Pop N’ Go playpen a perfectly sized home for your pet bunny! 🏠

Our playpen can be used in your home as your pet’s primary house or bed, but you can also pack it up and take it on the go with you. Spacious, sturdy, lightweight, and travel-friendly are just a few of the features of this wonderful playpen. Equipped with a travel bag and UV sun shade cover, this playpen is the perfect accessory to pack on your next outdoor adventure. 

Loved by pet owners everywhere...

At The California Beach Co, we don’t discriminate against any type of pet. Dogs and cats love our playpen, but it is versatile and useful for just about any animal with four legs and fur. Pet owners of all types are finding that the Pop N’ Go Pet Playpen is the perfect fit for their furry friend. Want to up the ante? Add in one of our pet mattresses to make this playpen even more cozy! I know, we didn’t think that was possible either! 😉🙌🏼