New Product Alert: Introducing the Voyager Travel Pillow!

New Product Alert: Introducing the Voyager Travel Pillow! - The California Beach Co.

In case you haven’t heard, the California Beach Co. has officially launched a brand new product and we are SO excited to share it with you! 🤩

Introducing... The Voyager Travel Pillow🥳 — an incredibly soft travel sized pillow that can go anywhere with you. 

We are so excited to release this new product and share it with our amazing customers. This pillow represents everything we stand by at the California Beach Co: comfort, versatility, usefulness, and quality! We always strive to create products that our customers can get a lot of use out of and will absolutely love. 

Here are a few reasons why we love The Voyager Travel Pillow

  • This pillow pairs perfectly with the California Voyager Blanket for ultimate comfort. 😎
  • Useful for adults and kiddos! 🙌🏼
  • It’s made from a super soft natural bamboo material, making it super soft and cozy. ☺️
  • Available in a variety of beautiful, neutral color options. 😍
  • It can fold up to ¼ it’s full size, so it is perfect to take when traveling. ✈️

The name says it all, The Voyager Travel Pillow is the perfect travel accessory and we’re not kidding when we say you can take this thing anywhere with you. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use The Voyager Travel Pillow:

  • As your own personal pillow when staying at a hotel.
  • When taking naps in the car during a long drive.
  • Use it for extra comfort when flying on an airplane.
  • Take it with you to the beach (with your California Voyager Blanket, of course!) 
  • Use it during a picnic or any outdoor occasion. 
  • Kids can take it with them for sleepovers.
  • Set it up in your Pop N’ Go Playpen to add extra comfort for older kids and toddlers (not recommended for use with infants). 

Honestly, the possibilities are endless with this versatile travel accessory and that is exactly what we were going for when we created it. At The California Beach Co., one of our biggest goals is to make super versatile products for everyone. Parents and families may love our products but we strive to create items that just about anyone can use. For that reason, we always want our products to be versatile and well made so that they will last for many years of use. 

We are truly so excited to be rolling out another great product for our customers and we hope you are too! Check out the Voyager Travel Pillow today, traveling has never been more cozy. ✈️🥰✨