How to Make Your Pop 'N Go Playpen Into A Fort

How to Make Your Pop 'N Go Playpen Into A Fort - The California Beach Co.

You never know when you’re going to end up stuck inside with the kids on a rainy, cold, or windy day. Having a fun activity to keep your kids busy without leaving the house is a serious necessity no matter where you live. Building a fort in the living room is an activity that is seriously fun for both kids and parents! ⛺️🥰

Who remembers the days of building a fort in the living room by weighing down a blanket with books and draping it across the furniture? 🙋‍♀️

With the Pop N’ Go Playpen, building a living room fort has never been easier…

Simply set up your Pop N’ Go Playpen and drape a blanket over the top, and you’ve got yourself a fort! You won’t have to use up your time constructing the fort itself since the Pop N’ Go sets up on its own so easily! Now, you can focus on the just fun part — making your pillow fort cozy! 

Add one of our self-inflating mattresses and an organic bamboo mattress cover to give the fort a soft and comfy foundation. ☁️

Help the kids add their favorite pillows and blankets to make the fort extra warm and cozy. 🤩

Add some string lights to the fort to create the perfect reading nook for the kiddos. ✨

Use a tunnel or large cardboard box to create a secret passageway into the fort. ⛺️ See how one of our customers added a secret tunnel! 

What’s the best part about cozying up in the Pop N’ Go Playpen?

Building a living room fort is the perfect activity for the kiddos, but it doesn’t stop there. They’ll be busy building their fort and playing inside of it for hours so you’ll actually get some time to yourself! You can set up this lightweight playpen in seconds and put it in any room of your house. Adding the self-inflating mattress might make it one of the coziest spots in your home! This playpen will quickly become your kid’s personal clubhouse. 

A living room fort is only one of the many ways that this playpen can be used by your family. Pack it up and take it just about anywhere with the included carrying bag and super lightweight, foldable design. 

You don’t have to fear being stuck inside with the kids on a rainy day anymore, the Pop N’ Go Playpen is all you need for a fun-filled afternoon without even leaving the house! 🌧❤️