Five Ways to Make Valentine's Day Special With Your Kids

Five Ways to Make Valentine's Day Special With Your Kids - The California Beach Co.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate with your spouse. It’s a super fun holiday that you can celebrate with the whole family! By starting fun traditions in your house now, your kids can always look forward to this special day and when they go to school, they will spread the joy that you create at home. Here are five fun ways to make Valentine’s Day special with your kiddos! 

Get crafty! 💌

A fun V-day tradition to start with your kids is to do some Valentine’s themed crafts together. You don’t have to stop at the basic Valentine’s cards — write each of your kids a personal note about what makes them special. Encourage them to do the same for their close friends and even for each other. This is a win-win tradition because they’ll definitely need something to hand out at school. Turn it into a fun activity to keep them busy and you’ll be crossing a task off of your to-do list at the same time!

Make treats together. 🧁

Who doesn’t love sugary treats? Make decorating treats on Valentine’s Day a household tradition. It doesn’t have to stop at cookies, you could decorate cupcakes, or even get a DIY doughnut kit to have fun with your kids. If you’re feeling ambitious, they can even decorate treats for their whole class and have even more joy to spread at school! 

Give to others. 🎁

As a holiday about couples, it can be easy for some people to feel alone on Valentine’s Day. Teach your kids the importance of sharing, giving to others, and to always be inclusive. Show your love to them as a way of setting a positive example. Make sure there’s enough valentines for your kids to hand out to their entire class and make sure they know not to leave anyone out. 

Make a special meal. 🍽

By cooking a special breakfast or dinner for your kids, you can help them get excited for the holiday each year. Some parents might go as far as using dye to make special pink or red foods, or you can keep it simple and just whip up some strawberry milk to be festive.

Snuggle up for story time. 😴

The holiday festivities can keep going until bedtime. Turn your Pop ‘N Go Playpen into a snuggly story spot with blankets, pillows, and even dreamy lights! The whole family can cuddle up and get some quality time together before the parents sneak out for date night. 🍷❤️

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