Five Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun For Your Kids

Five Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun For Your Kids - The California Beach Co.

When it comes to springtime fun, cleaning may not be the first activity that comes to mind. However, if you’re stuck at home, why not spiff up your spot? Spring cleaning should be a yearly priority anyways and there is no better time than the present to hop to it. 

Instead of a chore, see this as an opportunity for family bonding! Your kiddos are probably sick and tired of being cooped up and they’re likely to be more excited about housework than ever. Save them from boredom by saving yourself from overwhelm. You’ll be able to connect over shared accomplishments while finding some fun along the way. 

  1. Dance The Germs Away

    With the right soundtrack, anything is possible. And yes, “anything” can even mean your child happily cleaning. This is a great way to model the importance of attitude for your kids. Show them that a little positivity can transform any activity! Throw on some inspiring tunes and you’ll instantly put the whole family in a good mood. You may as well turn the volume up and have a dance party while you’re at it - your house, your rules!

  2. Turn Your Closet Into A Catwalk

    Are you daunted by the current state of your home’s cluttered closets? Good news! You can get your kids involved. When it comes to your own, they can conquer the smaller stuff by sock folding, organizing piles or make things look tidy again. When it comes to theirs, they can practice picking and choosing their cherished items. This gives them a sense of appreciation for their belongings, as well as an introduction to the importance of donation. When these storage spaces are straightened up, it’s time to walk the runway! Throw a family fashion show and strut your newly-sorted stuff.

  3. Get It Sorted

    The art of organizing is kind of like putting a puzzle together. Puzzles are games, and guess what? Kids like games! If you can get your children to see the fun in problem-solving, they won’t want to stop until all of their ducks (or toys) are in a row. Ask them to organize their books in clever ways such as subject matter or size. You can also put out labeled bins to make it easier for them to “match” items to their correct spot. When it’s time for a break, hunker down in the Pop N Go Playpen for storytime with a rediscovered book.

  4. Last Year’s Trash, This Year’s Treasure

    There’s no better way to encourage creativity than with a craft project - or, better yet, a craft project that doesn’t cost anything. While going through a purge, save and organize knick-knacks that can be used for art activities. Your kids will have a blast turning old picture frames, beads, magazines, and more into works of art. With a few materials and a little imagination, your kids will turn trash into treasure! They may even be inspired to make decorations for their Pop N Go Playpen.  

  5. Brush Up Those Skills

    Spring cleaning can be a fantastic way to sneak in a learning lesson or two. Maybe now’s a good time to teach your kid life skills like how to fold clothes properly, organize a dishwasher, or achieve crystal-clear windows. You don’t need to turn them into a full-on cleaning machine, but you can teach them some of the tools they’ll need as they get older. By doing this, you’ll get the job done while building knowledge and instilling self-confidence in them. We call that a win-win-win!

Home Is Where Your Family Is

No matter which tasks you conquer, the experience of tackling an epic cleaning crusade will undoubtedly bring your family closer.  Spring cleaning is much better when you have a team and it will encourage the whole family to get up, get moving, and get creative. Do things a little differently this year - have a little fun with it!