Five Unexpected Ways A Playpen for Your Pet Will Come In Handy

Five Unexpected Ways A Playpen for Your Pet Will Come In Handy - The California Beach Co.

It may seem a bit extra to purchase a playpen for your pet, but this doggie dream house will serve in more ways than you may expect. Find out at least five different ways a pet playpen can come in handy for your pet below! 

The California Beach Co. recently unleashed the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen, and it’s changing the pet supply market. At first glance, this pet tent is just simply adorable, but it’s so much more than just that. Allow your furry friend to have a designated space at all times… Here's the playpen in its prime. 😎


The first way you can introduce this playpen is by making it your pet’s kennel! With a zippered door, your pet can sleep overnight in this breathable playpen or head to timeout for a little punishment. Either way, it’s large enough to fit most medium-sized dogs and it can easily assemble indoors without taking up too much space. Your pet will gladly prefer this welcoming tent over their sharp, cold cage. 


Did traveling with your pet just get a whole lot easier? We’d say yes! This playpen is only five pounds and comes with a carry case. You simply throw this over your shoulder and it’s along for any ride! You don’t have to worry about your dog tearing up a vacation home since they know their designated place is always the Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen. 


Made of sturdy polyester and fiberglass framing, this tough pet playpen can most certainly play rough, or in other words, OUTDOORS. The Pop N’ Go Pets Playpen is just as well suited for outdoor use as it is for indoor use, which means your pet can tag along on even the most rugged of adventures! It includes a travel bag, UV shade cover, storage pockets, ground stakes, and other features that will keep your pet cool and comfortable while out and about with nature. 


The pop-up pen looks and acts like a miniature version of a standard camping tent, complete with a zippered, roll-up flap, mesh windows, and ground stakes. If you’re a typical camper, why not pitch a tent for your pup? Between all the bugs and furry neighbors… it’s probably best you have a lockdown zone for your pet that still makes them feel a part of the party. The mesh netting will offer a cool breeze, as well as a constant view out, but keep them contained from chasing the neighbors (or squirrels). 


Ah, and of course… It serves as a playpen for your pet. Whether you have a puppy or an old hound dog, all animals like to play. Grab some new toys, a few dog bones, and let your pup have some good ole’ fun in their own little playpen. While you’re picking up the house or having guests over, this playpen will serve just as it does for your child—a place to play! 

Do You See How This Playpen Can Come in Handy Now? 

It’s a kennel, travel crate, camping tent, hangout spot, and playpen, but most importantly, it’s a place your pet will feel comfortable in. ❤️ With this playpen, you’ll always know where to find your furry companion. Shop the pet playpen collection here!