Family Activities for Thanksgiving Break

Family Activities for Thanksgiving Break - The California Beach Co.

Thanksgiving is an exciting time of year to gather with distant family members that you may not get to see very often, but it also presents a great time to bond with your immediate family. Many working parents enjoy the luxury of having a few extra days off during Thanksgiving when their kids are out of school. Make the most of your Thanksgiving break this year by spending some quality time with those who matter most. Below, we’ve listed a few fun family activities to try this year. 🦃

Visit a Zoo or Aquarium 🐠🦒

Your local zoo or aquarium is a great activity to do with your family because it will likely be fun and exciting for everyone in the family. This educational activity can give your kids something to do and teach them lessons about new animals that they’ve never seen before. 

Get Out of Town for the Weekend 🚙 🧳

You may already be leaving town to visit family for Thanksgiving, but if you aren’t, you could plan a quick family road trip for the weekend. Getting out of town with your loved ones and exploring a new town can be the best way to bond as a family. Look for any destinations that are close to where you live that offer family-friendly activities. Or, if you already plan to leave town to visit family, look into any local attractions in that area that your kids will love. 

Do Some Baking or Crafts 🧁🎨

If you plan to keep your holiday break low-key and you don’t feel like travelling far, that’s okay, there are plenty of fun family activities that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Pick out a few baking activities to try with your kids. You can even make a pie or batch of cookies to bring to your family's Thanksgiving gathering! This is a great way to teach kids a valuable life lesson and show them the importance of contributing something on Thanksgiving. You could also do some fun, festive crafts such as painting, drawing, or playing with clay. 

Get Outside ☀️🚲

Spending time in the fresh air is a great way to embrace family time. Not to mention, this time of year offers beautiful weather in most parts of the world, so why not take advantage? Go for a family bike ride, spend some time running around at the park, host a family basketball tournament, take a family picnic -- the possibilities are endless! Outside time can also help improve mood and your overall health so it is a win-win for everyone. 🙌🏼🥰