Essential "New Mom" Items that No One Tells You About

Essential "New Mom" Items that No One Tells You About - The California Beach Co.

So, the time has come once again -- another pregnant friend, and another baby shower gift to buy. Did you know that you don’t have to show up with crib sheets, or a rattle that you picked up last minute on your way over? There are plenty of valuable and important items that every new mom needs, and today, we’re giving you the inside scoop. 😎

1. Baby carrier

Baby wearing is a great way to make the first few weeks (and months) easier on a new mom. Being able to be hands-free, while also having the baby attached to you is honestly revolutionary -- don’t take this one for granted. 

2. The Pop N’ Go Playpen and Pop N' Go Mini!

The Pop N’ Go Playpen is seriously essential to new moms. It provides an easy-to-set up, spacious and safe place to lay the baby down and can be used at home, when traveling, or even outside. If you’re looking for a more lightweight and portable option, go for the Pop N’ Go Pets! 😉

3. Stylish, yet practical, diaper bag

Few people associate a diaper bag with fashion, but there are actually plenty of stylish options these days. Look for something that is stylish but also practical in terms of offering lots of pockets and space. 

4. Swaddles, baby blankets, burp cloths

Newborns are notorious for needing constant outfit changes due to diaper blowouts, spit up, and milk spills. New moms can really benefit from having a lot of different baby blankets and burp cloths to help make these clean ups a bit easier. ☺️

5. Footie pajamas 

Newborns get cold easily and not all of them will like being wrapped up in blankets. This is where footie pajamas come in handy. Again, newborns will need plenty of pajamas due to constant outfit changes. You can also buy a couple of different sizes for when the baby gets bigger. 

6. Swing, rocker, or bouncer

When it comes to having a soothing and safe place to set the baby down, there are plenty of options. Swings, bouncers, and rockers are all great options, check the registry to see if the mom-to-be has a specific one in mind! 🤗

7. Mittens

It’s true, babies are often born with surprisingly long fingernails. So, it’s really smart to throw in a pair of mittens or hand covers when packing the hospital bag, to help prevent the baby from accidentally scratching themself in their sleep. Set your friend up for success, by grabbing her a pair (or two) of these! 

8. A portable breast pump or extra breastfeeding accessories 

Anything that helps make breastfeeding a little bit easier on new moms is a plus. Every new mom can benefit from owning a portable breast pump. You can also get extra breastfeeding accessories such as milk bottles and storage bags. 🍼

9. Board or fabric books

It will be a while before the baby is ready for a regular book with pages. Board and fabric books are great for baby’s first stories because they’re safe and the pages won’t get torn. 

10. Postpartum essentials for mom

It’s important to make sure that new moms have what they need to take care of themselves as well. Think of anything that could help your friend feel comfortable during those first few weeks home with the baby such as a new robe, a nice pair of sweatpants, ice packs, or even a good book to read. 🥰✨