A Playpen Worth A Million Dollars

A Playpen Worth A Million Dollars - The California Beach Co.

There’s a difference between worth and cost, people! The Pop N Go Playpen for kids has sold over $1M in sales and receives hundreds of five-star reviews, and it’s for good reason. Investing in a playpen that is practical and safe is what you want for your kids, isn’t it?

The California Beach Company launched the Pop n Go playpen Kickstarter in 2018. In just one year, the playpen has now sold over $1M in sales; the reason being to believe is because the Pop N Go play yard is worth far more than a million dollars. Don’t believe us? Take our customers word! 

We’ve received over hundreds of Pop N Go reviews and all of them prove that the value of this play yard is unbeatable. Check out how this mom feels about her Pop N Go Tent: 
Mother reviewing her Pop N Go playpen
Parents, we know how much time is of value. When we designed the Pop N Go playpen for toddlers, we knew we had to create something that was quick and easy to assemble. With our pop up and pop down technology, you can have your child safely entertained in their pop up play yard in seconds, literally! 

Here is another one of our favorites… 
Young boy playing in the beach inside his portable playpen
One of the best perks of the Pop N Go is that it works as a travel play area. It’s so easy to transport from place to place. Every order has a shoulder strap bag included and a UV shade cover to protect your little one from the harmful sun. Knowing your child is safe and comfortable during your outdoor activities is something you want, isn’t it? 

We love how this mom utilizes her Pop N Go Playpen…
Mother raving about her pop n go play yard that allows her to watch her oldest and youngest at the same time
It’s hard for the parents who are trying to balance a baby/toddler and an older sibling. You want to be able to have your attention on both! Well, with this lightweight play area, you can take it to your first born’s soccer games while your newborn relaxes safely in their pop up tent! We love that this reviewer said it was one of the best investments she made. 

Entertain multiple little ones and be the cool mom on the block!
Triplet siblings enjoying their pop n go tent outside at a neighborhood event

The Pop N Go Playpen can entertain multiple littles while the neighborhood gets together! What a great feeling to know your baby is secure in one place. When you use the Pop N Go tent outside, your child is also protected from any bugs! The weave mesh allows a cool breeze, but no-bug entry allowed! Be the mom with the best hangout spot of the year! 

Happy child, happy mama, great memories. Sounds worth a million to us… 

Order your Pop N Go today, and become a part of our happy community!