A Magical Night In With Your Family: Featuring the Pop N Go Playpen

A Magical Night In With Your Family: Featuring the Pop N Go Playpen - The California Beach Co.

By this point, we’re all pros at the quarantine lifestyle. Sweatpants are no longer pajamas, the Internet is everything, and grocery shopping feels more like a heist than an errand. But just because we’re used to these bizarre adjustments doesn’t mean we’re happy about them. 

For many families, sheltering in place looks a lot like sulking in place. It’s hard not to be bitten by the boredom bug when the options to leave your house are... well, limited, to say the least. Add in the disappointment of missing out on school events or missing friends in general, and you’ve got a home environment that flip-flops from ho-hum to just plain glum. 

With that said, we’re here to remind you of one very important detail - sheltering in place doesn’t have to mean putting life on hold! In fact, we encourage you to turn frowns by getting creative during quarantine. By staging a magical night in with the Pop N Go Playpen, you’ll make memories that no Netflix series can hold a candle to. This time can be a special bonding opportunity for you and your family - take advantage of it!

Let The Games Begin

The Pop N Go Playpen is the perfect setting for an impromptu game night. Dust off your old board games, puzzles, or domino set and bring them into the playpen for a cozy night of entertainment. Even a simple deck of cards can be enough to break the quarantine shuffle! You may be huddled close, but this will encourage all family members to really put their head in the game. If you don’t have any games at your house, no need to run to the online marketplace. All you need is a pen and paper for fun classics like Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman! 

Set The Stage

The Pop N Go Playpen can quickly become a theatre with the right supplies and a little imagination. Because of its open-air top, your kids can direct their very own puppet show while staying behind-the-scenes. To make for an especially winning performance, encourage your kids to decorate their playpen to match the scenery of their play. You and your stage crew will have so much fun coming up with stories and sharing laughs along the way. 

Camp Out Indoors

Who says you need to go anywhere to go camping? With the Pop N Go Playpen and the right attitude, your living room may as well be a national park. If you have a fireplace, put it to good use by making s’ mores or put on a “spooky storytime” with the flip of a switch. You can pass around flashlights and take turns as the audience and storyteller. When it’s time for bed, set up camp in your playpen with plenty of blankets or even sleeping bags if you have them! Adults can sleep on the couch while the kiddos camp put in their “tent.” 

Stay Creative During COVID-19

These are just a few ways in which you can use your Pop N Go Playpen to facilitate a fun night in with your family. We encourage you to cook up some more ideas of your own! It’s so important to stay creative during these mundane days, both for you and your kids’ sake! By doing so, you’ll create memories that the whole family will look back on with a smile.