12 Safe and Fun Neighborhood Toddler Activities

12 Safe and Fun Neighborhood Toddler Activities - The California Beach Co.

As babies grow into toddlers, they progressively start to need more and more activities to keep them entertained on a daily basis. Every parent learns the struggle of feeling the need to keep their toddler busy all the time. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun activities — that may not even require you to leave your neighborhood — that your toddler will love. Today, we’ll list a few activities to try with your toddler next time they’re bored. 

1. Go to the Library

The public library is an amazing resource for parents and children alike. Most public libraries have kid areas where your toddler can play and look at books. You’ll also be able to pick out some new books to read to your toddler at bedtime. What else makes this the perfect activity? It’s 100% free! So not only will you have a fun activity to keep your toddler busy, you also won’t walk away empty handed — you won’t even have to spend a dime. 

2. Try an Indoor Playground

Playing outside is fun and super beneficial for toddlers, but the weather isn’t always permitting. Whether you’re dealing with excessive heat, rain, or even cold, you don’t have to avoid the jungle gym altogether. Your neighborhood may have an indoor playground that provides your toddler with plenty of fun activities — rain or shine! 

3. Plan a Playdate

Get some of your toddler’s neighborhood friends together for a playdate. Having other kids around is an activity in itself, so you don’t even have to have much of an agenda planned. You can easily host a super fun playdate at your house. Simply set up some coloring books, toys, and toddler-friendly snacks, and you’re all set! 

4. Go Out to Lunch

Eventually, most toddlers will reach an age when they don’t mind sitting at a restaurant. If you visit a restaurant that is family friendly and offers your toddler’s favorite foods then they will likely sit still long enough to enjoy a little lunch date. This offers a fun activity for you and your toddler to do together and even gives you some time to sit back and relax. 

5. Visit a Museum

Museums are not only educational but also very entertaining for toddlers. Most museums have kid-friendly areas and fun activities for your toddler to try out. Look up some of your local options to find a fun and interesting museum to take your toddler to. Some cities even offer kid museums that are filled with activities for little ones. Do some research to see if your neighborhood or any surrounding areas offer one of these options. 

6. Walk Around the Mall

This is an activity that can be fun for you and your toddler. If you and your toddler need some new clothing items, or if you just want to browse, you can head to the mall and spend some time walking around. Again, this is a great activity for a rainy or cold day when outdoor play wouldn’t be ideal. Malls are spacious and offer tons of space for walking around and you can even grab a treat from the food court! 

7. Go for a Walk

Put your toddler in the stroller or wagon and go for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Fresh air and exercise are two of the best ways to lift your spirits and benefit your overall health. If your neighborhood offers lots of sidewalks and pedestrian friendly areas, this is a great activity that can be done without even having to drive anywhere. Be sure to always pay attention when walking with your child, ensure they are safely strapped into their stroller at all times, and watch for cars when crossing crosswalks. 

8. Play with Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a fun neighborhood activity that allows your toddler to practice some of their artistic skills. Grab your toddler’s favorite set of chalk and head out to the driveway. You may even attract some of the neighborhood kids who will want to come play too! 

9. Visit Your Local Swimming Pool

Water play is super beneficial for young children and even helps with their development. Head to your neighborhood swimming pool for a fun activity that will keep your toddler entertained for a while. Be sure to use sun protection when playing in the sun for extended periods of time. Never leave your toddler alone near a pool and utilize flotation devices for additional safety. 

10. Have a Picnic at the Park 

If the weather is permitting, you can back up some of you and your toddlers favorite foods and head to the park. Give them some time to play on the park equipment, or lay a blanket in the grass where you can sit and hang out together. Fresh air is incredibly beneficial for toddlers and by having plenty of snacks and water on hand, you can hang out at the park for hours before your toddler gets tired out. 

11. Take a Trip to the Zoo

If you’ve got a local zoo, this is a fun and educational activity to try with your toddler. Your toddler will love to look at all of the animals and learn about them. See if your local zoo offers a petting zoo or an area where your toddler can try feeding the animals. This will give your toddler a hands-on way of learning about new animals and seeing the way they act in their environment. If you can’t find a zoo in your area, look for an aquarium for a similar activity.

12. Go for a Bike Ride

Bike riding is yet another fun and simple way to get out into the fresh air and bond with your toddler. If you’ve got your own bike with a toddler seat, you can simply strap them in and go for a ride. You can also try the toddler bike attachments that attach to the back of the bike, or even get your little one a toddler bike and let them ride alongside you. Always pay close attention when your toddler is riding their bike near you and watch out for vehicular traffic. Have your toddler wear a helmet when they are riding their own bike or are riding on your bicycle. Always ensure that your toddler is safely strapped in when they are riding in a bicycle seat with you. 

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