How much does it weigh and how big is it when it's open?

The playpen only weighs 7.2 lbs and it's 49" tall from the floor to the top of the netting and it's just over 51" wide inside. Easily big enough for 2 kids to play in comfortably!

How big is it when it's closed up and can you travel with it?

When it's folded up and in it's carrying bag, it's only 36 inches long and about 6 inches wide. And yes, you can definitely travel with it! The founders each have young children and we have personally battle-tested our product by taking it all over the world and it held up (multiple times) without any issues!

Is it safe for sleeping/napping?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is we recommend always having supervision while your little one is sleeping. It’s as safe as any crib or bed, but make sure you are always nearby and always have an eye on your child or using some kind of monitor.

Does it have a shade cover?

Yes! The UV Shade Cover and ground stakes are included with every order!

Is the mattress included? And how does it work?

No, the mattress pad is sold separately. If you plan to use the Pop 'N Go on soft surfaces such as carpet (when indoors) or grass or sand (when outdoors), then it's not really a necessity. If you plan to use it on hard surfaces such as wood floors or tile, or stiff ground or concrete outside, then we definitely recommend it. The mattress is custom-fitted so it fits perfectly inside the Pop 'N Go. It has a small twist cap that lets air in and out automatically (the first time you receive the product, you can blow in the cap to inflate it faster and make sure it's fully inflated). To deflate, open the cap, fold it 3 times (tri-fold like a brochure), roll it up to get all the excess air out, and put it back in it's carrying bag (which is separate from the Pop 'N Go carrying bag and included with your mattress pad purchase).

What materials are the mattress and playpen made from?

The playpen is made with lightweight aluminum framing, polyester and vinyl siding, and mesh netting. The mattress pad is a foam pad with a polyester cover and we added a waterproof coating to prevent any damage from spills, drool, and all the other fun stuff that comes with little rascals! We do not use ANY harsh or harmful chemicals in any of our products.

What's the weight limit?

There really isn’t one, since the bottom of the playpen is flush with the floor when anyone (or anything) is in it. Make sure you always place it on a flat, level surface, and you can put as much weight as you like inside.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

Yes, 30-Day money back guarantee from the date of arrival.

Do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping to all US customers (more countries coming soon)! For any product issues such as a defect, we also offer free prepaid return labels for warranty issues. 

What made you create this product?

We’re parents with young children. And we’ve been through numerous kids playpens and play yards. All of them are either cheaply made and don’t last or super expensive or super heavy and not portable. There were no really great, lightweight, super easy to use playpens out there. So we decided to fix that problem ourselves!

Can it be used for pets?

Absolutely! Although we’ve only tried it with dogs and cats. We cannot guarantee it will work well for strange reptiles (although we love all animals!)

Is this really the BEST playpen in the world?

No question. And beware of knockoffs! We have seen numerous counterfeit and replica products trying to copy our exact design, brand, pictures, etc. We are the patent and trademark holders of the Pop 'N Go and we do NOT sell to distributors! In other words, if you are not buying directly from The California Beach Co., you are buying a fake. For any questions, you can always contact us directly at